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Lakeside to Host Bass Bowling

page01Lakeport- The Lakeside Family Fun Center in Lakeport will host an event named Bass Bowling on Sunday, October 20, as part of Bass Bowl Week, according to Bass Bowl executive director, Phil Smoley.

“For the third year in a row, the Lakeside Family Fun Center has offered to host Bass Bowling,” Smoley said.  “The Family Fun Center has been a big supporter our community events, and we are grateful for their support for this event that will involve students from Clear Lake High and Kelseyville High in a series of fun competitions during Bass Bowl Week.”

Bass Bowl week is a series of events leading up to the Bass Bowl, the big rivalry varsity football game between Kelseyville High and Clear Lake, which will be Friday night, October 25.   These events were created to help increase attendance to the game, and thus raise funds for the school’s athletic departments which have seen very limited public funding.

Bass Bowling will pit the two schools against each other at the Lakeside Family Fun Center in three competitions:  Bowling, laser tag, and dodge ball.  Each school will field 3 squads of 12 students each. One squad will be made up of the cheer squads, one from the JV football teams, and one from the varsity football teams, a total of 36 students from each school. 

In round one, the cheer squads will compete against each other in bowling, the JV in laser tag, and the varsity players in dodge ball.  Once these activities are complete, the squads will rotate, allowing each set of squads to compete in each of the 3 activities. A point will be awarded to each school whenever one of their squads wins an event.  With 3 squads from each school and 3 events, a total of 9 points are at play, and the first team to win 5 points shall win $500 for their school.

Students who are not on one of these teams can still participate in two ways. They can cheer on their respective teams, and they can register as supporters of any school approved group, and the money won will be distributed based on how many people support each group.  As Smoley explained “If 100 people showed up and re0gistered from the winning school, each person could direct $5 to their choice of group.  So if 10 people out of the hundred registered under the Drama club, the Drama Club would receive $100.”   In addition to helping their chosen group, they would receive one free game of bowling.

“We are excited about having this event at our location,” owner Charley Richardson said. “We are trying to make this into a real family fun center, and this event fits that goal perfectly. And it will help keep local athletics going, which is so important to our community.”

For more information about Bass Bowling, contact Lakeside Family Fun Center at 263-4828 or their website.

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