Bass Bowl VII Rivalry Game This Friday Night

The Cardinals of Clear Lake High will be gunning to dethrone the defending Bass Bowl Champion Kelseyville High Knights Friday night starting at 7:30pm at Owens Field in Lakeport in the seventh annual Bass Bowl.  Kelseyville leads the series 4 to 2, so the Cardinals are looking to keep the series close while the Knights are hoping to build an commanding lead in the series.  Both teams, who have struggled in recent years, have shown substanstial improvement.  The home team Cardinals will enter the game with a 3-2 records, while the visiting Knights bring a 4-1 record, making this the first Bass Bowl in years to have possible playoff implications.

The Bass Bowl Trophy will be brought to the game by the Knights,  and go home with the winning team.  It has resided at Kelseyville High for the last 3 years.  The trophy sits on a totem pole that has the team mascots carved into it.  The scores of every Bass Bowl is plated onto the trophy itself.

The Civil War canon will return to the Bass Bowl, courtesy of California Historical Artillery Society (CHAS), and fire after every score.  This has been made to happen by students and volunteers from Lakeport and Kelseyville going to Duncan Mills every July for the last 6 years to help staff the Civil War Days reenactment.  In return for the volunteer help, CHAS brings the canon to the Bass Bowl.  All residents within a mile of the Clear Lake High School are advised to keep their pets indoors during the game because the canon can be loud.

A new element of the Bass Bowl will be a “Player of the Game” named from each team, with each winner’s team receiving $500 in the winner’s name. The top players will be named immediately after the game and will be chosen based on their overall impact on the outcome of the game.

In addition, the Bass Bowl will be giving another $2,500 out to various programs.  $750 will be given to each football program.  $500 will be given to the Clear Lake High Boosters.  $500 will be given to the Clear Lake High cheer squad, which they earned for their participation at the last Bass Bowling event.

Fans of both schools are encouraged to attend and where their team colors:  Black and Cardinal Red for the Cardinals, and Black and Orange for the Knights.


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